Prime Purchases

My Prime Purchases for January 2022

I’m excited to be linking up with Tanya for my first ever Prime Purchases. I love reading what others buy on Amazon, #nosy, so here goes! 🙂

Tanya’s blog
ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit

My son is doing Mark Rober’s Creative Engineering class at a high school elective this semester and this electrical kit was one of the needed supplies. My kiddo loves all things Mark Rober, and so far gives the class two thumbs up.

Marulal Oil

I buy this on repeat. It is the most nourishing facial oil I’ve tried. Good in the winter, good in the summer. Just SO GOOD.

Door strap

If you have a litter box and need a way to keep other pets (ahem, nosy puppies) OUT, then this gadget is for you. Two thumbs way up.

personalized collar

We bought our 8 month old puppy this personalized collar – for just a little extra peace of mind. We put her name, our contact info, and her microchip info on there, too.

personal fan

After seeing these around I finally bought one for myself. It is fantastic. Whether I’m cleaning the house, exercising, walking around Disney, or working in the yard. YES. Already on my list to give away as gifts.

Essence Toner

I’m new to the 7 Skins method, but after watching this video I decided to get on board. So far I love it and it really doesn’t take all that long.


My higher schooler and I are using this DVD along with our philosophy curriculum. It’s fantastic so far, and easy to spread out in short weekly increments.

Thanks so much for reading through my first Prime Purchases post! 🙂

What’s up Wednesday

Hey y’all! Here’s a peek at what’s keeping me busy this week!

What I’m cooking/eating…


This no-bake lemon pie came together so easily – with things that I already had on hand. Who knew that sweetened condensed milk, can easily made on the stove? Game changer 😉

Creamy roasted tomato basil soup with gouda, basil and bacon grilled cheese. Y’all. MAKE THE GRILLED CHEESE. My sister Mary Beth purchased a sandwich like this one when we were in Waco together. So yummy!

What I’m thinking about…

I don’t know the source for this graphic, but it’s exactly what my heart needed this week.

What I’m reading…

Has anyone read All the Light We cannot See? I have had four or five people recommend it to me, but I’m am struggling to get into the story. Let me know if you loved it (or not). And always, always reading about about historial Queens. The more historical (less fictional) the better. If you have a recommendation in this genre please please let me know!

What I’m buying…

Not a whole lot for myself at the moment, but I’ve been picking up some fun fall clothing for my daughter. She just started college and found out the dress code is business casual, no t-shirts! Gulp! I made a mad dash to and ordered some possibilities. Next up, pants that aren’t jeans!

Last month I bought the small Madewell Transport tote during the Nordstrom sale and it just arrived yesterday. Not as red as it appears in photos (thankfully). I really like it! 🙂

What we’ve been up to…

Have I mentioned that we have a puppy? Basically, in between school stuff and home stuff, that’s exactly what I’m up to. Margot the Scottie is a precious bundle…OF ENERGY. HA!

What I’m listening to…

One of the electives that my son is taking this year is Math in Motion, which is a fancy name for Music Theory. To go along with this subject he’s taken up learning the harmonica. I love listening to him play SO MUCH. Margot, however, has other opinions. She regularly howls, actually howls, while he practices. Ha!

Thanks for reading y’all! 🙂 Have a great rest of your week.

Friday Favorites

Hey hey! My first Friday Favorites post. I’m always looking for my fave things during the week, and this time I actually got it down on “paper”. Let’s get started!


This happy graphic popped up on Pinterest and was just what I needed. So many uncertainties swirling around right now that I needed this colorful reminder.

Big Brother 23! Always so happy when Big Brother rolls around. Our favorites right now are Hannah, Derek X., and Xavier. How about y’all? How are you rooting for?

Ahhhh, I can’t recommend this book enough. I’m about half way through and absolutely love it. If you’ve ever wondered what makes the Queen so amazing, you might enjoy this book too. I first got it from the library but ended up getting my own copy so I could mark it up!

Recipe source

Our fave meal to whip up this summer has been fried green tomato sandwiches with bacon ranch. A few years ago I fell in love with one at Walt Disney World and have been trying to recreate it ever since. This one is pretty darn close. I followed the recipe above, added pimento or pepper jack, toast a ciabatta and top with arugula. Y’all. It’s so good. Something I learned along the way, if you can’t find green tomatoes, red ones work too. Give it a try! 🙂

Here’s what’s cooking this week

Chicken gyros
Red Robin copycat burger
Cheeseburger pie

Here’s what’s been on the menu this week. The chicken gyros recipe is ridiculously simple, and keeps well. I try to double up so it can be served twice. I usually buy flatbread, but it’s also fast to whip up a batch and dry-fry them in a skillet right before serving.

Red Robin is one of our go-tos, but at $12 a burger (x 4) I’ve been experimenting with trying out some copycats. Add in some oven-baked steak fries, and it’s almost as good as eating out. 😜 We’ve actually dubbed Saturday nights burger night, and it’s been fun to experiment!

Joshua Weissman’s barbacoa. Enough said. Try it, you’ll be glad you did. Bonus, it makes a ton so you’ll have leftovers.

Lastly is the comfiest of all comfort foods, Cheeseburger pie. I only allow myself to make this once or twice a year because it’s sinful, but it’s comfort food at its best.

To make:

Sauté a pound of burger with diced onions. After it’s browned add in 1/4 cup BBQ sauce and 1/4 cup ketchup. In a pie pan lay out 1 1/2 packages of crescent dough, put in the meat and top with 2 cups of shredded cheese of choice. (We usually use sharp cheddar.) Fold in the crescents as shown in photo and use the remaining package of crescents if needed. Brush lightly with milk and sprinkle on sesame seeds. Bake (at whatever temperature your package of crescents dictates) until golden brown. ENJOY 🤤

Friday Favorites

Howdy! This is just a fun compilation of what I’m loving this week!


We’ve been watching The Office as a family (our kids have been asking for awhile) and it has been so much fun! Each night my husband scans a few episodes beforehand to be sure they’re appropriate (not all of them are!), and they we watch. We haven’t seen them since they aired live, so this is a lot of fun.


I’m pretty much buried in school books at the moment – this week’s book happens to be Father Brown Stories. Currently on my night stand and or reading list are Becoming Mrs. Lewis and The Black Star of Kingston, Hope to get to these soon!



Last weekend I slow roasted a pork shoulder that I’m still thinking about haha. It was one of those meals that just came together so well. Everyone loved it, and the best part was it was so easy. The hardest part was remembering to put it in the oven at 10AM!


This acrylic table was a fun purchase and something I’ve been thinking about for a few years! It will go in a tight little space right by the front door, and will hopefully look great!


I’m thinking about this new little blog of mine…the WordPress platform is all new to me, and I am hoping and crossing my fingers that this first post will actually work! If you’re reading this, thanks for stopping by! 🙂